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Oct 04 2013

UX Portfolio Skillshare + Session with Eva Kaniasty

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The UX Portfolio is a key requirement for getting the job you want post-graduation.

This event has 2 parts:

1) UX Portfolio Skillshare  is now only $5 to sign up.  After you sign up on, forward your receipt to, and we will send you a registration code to sign up on Skillshare.

  • You’ll be free to walk through the material at your own pace.  The materials will be available on October 7.
  • To purchase your ticket, go to > Student Self-Services > Student Services > Register for Events.

2) There will be a culminating in-person session led by Eva on Thursday, December 7, IF we get enough people who are interested.  We will post a separate event for this later.


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Sep 05 2013

HFID Mentoring Program

Are you interested in being an HFID mentor or mentee? Read the following and contact Roland Hübscher to be part of the HFID Mentoring Program!


Hi all,


As many of you are probably aware, we have a mentoring program where alumni from the HFID program are matched as mentors with current or former students of our program as mentees. The idea is that the more experienced colleagues can provide advice related to life and work in the field of usability, design, etc.


If you have any questions regarding mentor program, send them directly Roland Hübscher at


Of course, if you would like to be added as mentor or just consider it, please contact me as well.


If you would like to be matched with a mentor, then please send me the following information:


Link to LinkedIn page:

Desired Career Path:

Desired Industry:

Current Work Experience:

Academic experience:

Current location:

Preferred job location:

Any other pertinent information:


I will then compile all the information and I will try match you up with an appropriate mentor. If you have sent me information earlier but have not been matched yet with a mentor, please contact me again.


Thanks for participating.


Roland Hübscher

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Aug 06 2013

Get Ready for Fall Semester by Following HFIDO!

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The HFIDO Board is gearing up for the upcoming fall semester based on user research we gathered over the summer! Currently, we are planning a variety of events and updating our blog and Facebook page.

Make sure to follow us for exciting updates we have planned for the semester!

  • HFIDO Blog:
    • Articles on HFID news, student highlights, recaps on previous HFIDO events, and more
    • Register for the blog in order to get email notifications on new posts
  • Facebook Page:
    • Announcements on HFIDO events and news
    • Like our official page to get HFIDO updates on Facebook
    • There is also an unofficial Facebook group that HFIDers participate in. Contact Robin Bobo to join.
  • LinkedIn Group:
    • Professional network of MSHFID students, alumni, and faculty
    • Join the group on LinkedIn
  • Yahoo Group:
    • Longest lived network of MSHFID students and alumni (no faculty)
    • Resource for job postings and discussions on HFID classes
    • Contact Bill Gribbons to join the group

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May 30 2013

The Real-Life UX Design Process

“We all know basic tenets of user-centered design. We recognize different research methods, the prototyping stage, as well as the process of documenting techniques in our rich methodological environment. The question you probably often ask yourself, though, is how it all works in practice?” Read the entire article on Smashing Magazine.

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May 28 2013

Structured Content, Shifting Context

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“Mobile versions of sites aren’t wrong, per se. But they often force us to make decisions about content based on assumption, rather than knowledge. Assumptions like “mobile users are on the go,” something countless couch-lounging couples ending a debate via Wikipedia would heartily disagree with.” See more from Sara Wachter-Boettcher.

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May 23 2013

Analysis of Navigation in Portfolio Websites

“When users land on your website, they typically read the content available. Then, the next thing that they will do is to try and familiarize themselves with your website. Most of the time this involves looking for navigation.” Read the full story on Smashing Magazine.

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May 21 2013

Usability, UX, & UI Guidelines from Big Companies

“Guidelines are considered to be the best resource that designers and developer can use to ensure that the applications and websites they produce are usable. Operating systems, devices, and development environments are very specific in nature. Because of this, their manufacturers have devised their own set of usability, UX, and UI guidelines.” View the full article on Usability Geek.

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May 16 2013

On Publishing and Presenting

“When you do a lot of writing, you’ll end up with lots of ideas and articles at various stages, including your idea lists, articles you’ve just started writing, halfway-finished articles, completed drafts that you need to review, final versions you’re waiting to publish, and articles that have already been published. It’s hard to keep track of all these pieces without good organization.” Learn more at UXmatters.

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May 14 2013

13 Free Design Tools for Visual Marketers

“Good news, everyone! There are plenty of free and easy-to-use tools out there that can make you look like a master designer! This post will break down 13 of our favorites so you too can create visuals and images that make your marketing pop. Get ready to create visualizations, banners, infographics, the whole nine yards like a total pro.” Read more on HubSpot.

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May 02 2013

Retiring the Portfolio Screenshot

“As designers and developers, we spend a great deal of time and effort getting a project just right for a client, yet often we don’t do it justice when we display the extent of our involvement and the various component parts that go into the whole thing. So many personal and agency portfolios simply display a couple of screen grabs of a project along with a few hazy bullet points saying things like “HTML & CSS”; or “WordPress CMS development.” These tell us very little about the effort that’s gone into a project and aren’t really very helpful to visitors who might be looking to your portfolio with a view to working with you on a project.” Read the full story at Smashing Magazine.

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Apr 09 2013

Social Media is Part of the User Experience

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“In my opinion, social media is very much our concern. That is because social media is firmly a part of the user’s experience, and we are user experience designers. The user experience does not occur within a single channel (such as a website or Facebook page). Users move between multiple channels and so all of these channels need to be designed as one consistent user experience.” Read the complete article at Smashing Magazine.

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Apr 04 2013

Enterprise Content Strategy Comes Down to Governance and Workflow

“In content strategy, content governance is a broad term that can apply to everything from workflows to style guides. The problem that arises with such a varied theoretical understanding of the term is that it is often talked about at the tactical level instead of at the strategic one. Meaning, content owners may be provided with governance documents to delineate how a content asset moves through the pipeline from ideation to publication, but it rarely leverages the organizational chart in a way that involves decision-makers at the higher levels. Content simply can’t be an organization’s biggest asset if the buy-in isn’t there to appreciate its value.” Learn more at Follow the UX Leader.

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Mar 05 2013

75 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

In case you had a busy few days and haven’t had time to follow along, we’ve rounded up our most useful articles from the past week. Aside from some killer gift ideas, you’ll also find hands-on social media advice concerning recent updates to Facebook‘s mobile app, Instagram and Pinterest, not to mention digital business and marketing advice. – Read more about it on Mashable.

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Feb 28 2013

Understanding Information Architecture Differently

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“Most important, the practice of information architecture has confronted the need to solve the effects of information overload from its very beginning. It did not begin as a struggle for better user experiences, site planning, usability, or budgets. Information architecture arrived as a practice specifically to address the challenges that information abundance brought on within the context of the Internet. This is the seemingly narrow scope of information architecture through which the classic IA perspective survives.” Read the full article on UXmatters.

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Feb 07 2013

Signs UX Research is Making an Impact

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“For a UX professional, one of the hardest things to measure is how much stakeholders and clients have bought into UX research. There is no clear, quantifiable answer to this question. Nevertheless, there are several signs that indicate stakeholder engagement, uptake, and buy-in.” See the full article at UXmatters.

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Feb 01 2013

Survey DO’s & DON’Ts – 2/4 @ 7:30 in Smith 122

“Survey Design DO’s & DON’Ts”Miriam Gerver Donath, Mon. 2/4 @ 7:30-9:00 pm in Smith 122

Survey design is important because it affects response rate (item and unit) and data quality (introduce bias), which, in turn, affects survey results. As someone who might work directly or tangentially with a market research, or embark on your own research, this presentation will help you think about survey design issues and improve surveys you encounter, as well as give some guidelines and resources. These will be set within the cognitive response model of question comprehension, information retrieval, judgment in responding to a question, and providing a response. Learn more about Miriam Gerver Donath. This event will be recorded and can be attended remotely via Centra.

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Jan 15 2013

George Lois Dishes Out Damn Good Advice

“Creativity can solve almost any problem,” according to legendary adman George Lois. “The defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything,” is just one of the mantras he’s lived by for 80, very successful, years. So, with the thought in mind that every creative person (be they an artist, architect, designer, photographer – whatever) can always do with a helping hand we’d like to draw your attention to his great new book, Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!).”

Read the full article at Phaidon.

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Jan 10 2013

Design for All: Accessibility in Service Design

“At its core, accessible design is transformative, flexible, intuitive and customizable, making lives better and tasks easier—core design principles, no matter the audience. While it’s not always easy to understand what accessibility means, there are simple steps that designers can take to start thinking with accessibility in mind.” Read the full article on UX Magazine.

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Jan 03 2013

First Forays Into Responsive Web Development

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“The general consensus now seems to be “mobile first.” I agree. Starting with a single(ish)-column mobile website is the easiest way to get your CSS off to a great start. However, we use an external design agency, so the time and cost of a new mobile-first design was not feasible. It was left to the front-end developer to translate the existing design onto screens of smaller dimensions.” Read the full article at Smashing Magazine.

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Dec 27 2012

UX Site Reviews: Which Review Type? How Long?

“Clients under business pressure often have aggressive deadlines and expect the most useful results in the shortest possible time, so deciding how long to spend on a review is crucial. For UX reviews, the 80:20 rule generally applies: 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This is the best approach in most cases, as it helps UX reviews quickly identify the few vital issues that make the biggest difference in terms of results.  So let’s look at the three types of review, their uses, and how long to take for each.”

Read the full article at UX Magazine.

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