Introduction to Tableau on Data Visualization 10/20

Hey Falcons, GMO is back with our first technical workshop in this semester, Introduction to Tableau on Data visualization, partnered with Bentley Analytics Society (BAS).

In this workshop, we have invited Shshank Chawathay, Senior Sales Operation Analyst at Juniper Networks, and previous president of BAS to help you build a solid foundation if you are new to Tableau.

  • What you will gain?
    Learn how to navigate the product and examine core concepts and techniques in Tableau. Move from creating visualizations to combining them in interactive dashboards.
  • Prepare for this workshop:
    1. Bring your laptop. Make sure you have Tableau installed before the workshop. Here is the link of the student version of Tableau.
    2. Register by clicking on:

Due to the room capacity, we only have 35 seats for this work shop so please RSVP if you want to come (if you can’t make it please shoot us an email beforehand at, thanks!)

Details of the workshop:
Date : 20th Octorber 2017
Time : 2:00-5:30PM
Venue : Center for Marketing Technology, Morison Hall

Student ID is needed due to limited seats.

Recap – Data Mining Event 3/15

11 Steps of Data Mining event was a success!

Event Flyer

Adjunct Lecturer Joseph Dery presented the 11 Step of Data Mining on Wednesday, March 15th which offered a detailed look into the process of driving business success through data science. As a graduate from Bentley University himself, having received an M.S. and Ph.D. in Marketing Analytics and Business, Dery was able to connect with students and provide meaningful advice. He shared his best practices in the context of his a particular project he lead at Dell EMC, his current employer. Particularly valuable were the insights and recommendations on the value of the data mining process in corporate culture. Lessons attendees parted with included not only an understanding of the overall process but also navigating the do’s and don’ts of working in the field.

If you were unable to attend – keep an eye out for upcoming events from the GMO! There will be more opportunities to learn, connect and discuss in the future.

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Data Mining Event 3/15

Hello everyone!

GMO will be holding our Data Mining event on 15th March 7:30-9:30PM.


Data is everywhere — and, to maintain competitive advantage, companies are deploying analytics at all levels of the corporate hierarchy.

Please Join Joe Dery, one of the most popular professors at Bentley and Dell EMC Sr. Manager of Decision Sciences, as he presents his take on 11 steps to data mining success. Through corporate experiences and personal realizations, Joe will take you through what questions to ask, what to look for, and — notably — what to watch out for as you take a business problem through the 11 steps to truly move the needle for your business.

Click on now at: to sign up for this wonderful workshop!

We look forward to seeing you on March 15 at 7:30pm in 375AB Danielson Conference Room, LaCava!

Epsilon Company Visit

Thank you everyone for attending our event on November 14 at Epsilon Company! Special thanks to Chris Hanson, Vice President of Human Resources for giving us an overview of Epsilon and Eleanor Tipa, Vice President of Analytics for giving us an overview of analytics services at Epsilon. Also great thanks to Katie Weintraub, the product marketing manager who led us visit Epsilon!

The Future of Business: Marketing Automation

Thank you everyone for attending our event on October 28, 2014 at the CMT. Special thanks to Cynthia Stephen, the Vice President of Marketing from Morningstar and Xibei Hao, Marketing Coordinator from ByAllAccounts.

This was a lecture with Q&A session introducing marketing automation — a brand new trend of using software platforms and technologies to more effectively market online and automate repetitive tasks.


Internships and Jobs Experience Sharing Panel

Thanks for everyone who comes to our first career panel in this fall semester, thanks for your support, without it our panel couldn’t be such a success! Special thanks to our panelists: Bo(Bob) Liu, who is a research analyst in International Data Corporation and former MSMA student of Bentley University; Landon Barnes, Associate Data Consultant at Forrester Research, 2014 MSMA student; Chenchen Mao, Associate Analyst of Affinnova, 2013 MSMA student; Minyi (Vicki) Zeng, Predictive Analytics Analyst at Constant Contact, she is also a 2014 MSMA student.

Surface III: Data Visualization

Thanks everyone for coming to our Surface III : Data Visualization last Thursday. More importantly, thanks Prof. David T. Oury and Bill Shander, Founder and CEO at Beehive Media for sharing insight information on Data Mining, Data Visualization as well as Informational Design. You can find his presentation here.

Marketing: Beneath the Surface II is Here

GMO is inviting you all to join our event: Marketing Beneath the Surface II – Use the Buy Till you Die Model to improve the efficiency of a sales force by Steve Lerner, the Vice President of Product Development and Commercialization for Nutrition Physiology Company, the makers of a probiotic for cattle and poultry. Before this, he was the Head of Marketing US Large Animal Business Operations for Merial Limited. He has given presentations on this subject at MIT and Wharton, and received the Best Paper Award, American Marketing Association 2012 Advanced Research Techniques Forum for his paper titled, “But Till You Die” to Improve Operational Efficiency: Realigning the Sales Force Using the BG/NBD

In the event, he is going to discuss Big Data, Customer Centricity and Marketing Analytics with a real world example. We are looking forward to seeing you on March 27, 2014 at 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Sign up here to reserve your spot!

Please be informed that the venue is changed to the CMT, Morison Hall 220.