Below is a list of resources, which we feel are valuable for either the emerging or established sales professional. This list is a work-in-progress, which will be updated every Sunday. Please feel free to comment or provide us with further suggestions. 


Books & Publications…



Making the Sale Published by Harvard Business Press as a part of the Lessons Learned Series. Published in May of 2008. This is a MUST READ.





The Little Red Book of Selling, by Jeffrey Gittomore. An excellent quick-read that’s best read over and over again. Fantastic lessons of process, motivation and sales psychology. Available at the Bentley Campus Bookstore.




Seminars & Conferences…

Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program, offers an intensive one-week program in negotiations. Learn to accomplish more than simply closing the deal. This is an excellent program for upper-management and recent MBA grads.



Link to pdf Brochure Download: Click Here



The MIT Sloan Sales Club’s, Sales Conference. The club hosts an annual conference every spring. This is a top-notch event and, for a fee, it’s open to the public. Lectures, seminars, networking, classes, you name it- they’ve got it.



Professional Organizations…


The National Association of Sales Professionals






Websites & Blogs…

SalesForce.comAt your next interview for a professional sales position, be sure you can answer yes to the question, “Are you proficient with Salesforce or other CRM tools?”


Courses at McCallum…

MG635- Negotiating

Prerequisite(s): None. 
Recommended:BF 503 or PF Module I, or GR 630

Explores the theory and practice of negotiating, with an emphasis on bargaining within an organizational context. Develops both a knowledge of bargaining concepts and models and the skill to apply this knowledge in real-life negotiating situations. Uses simulations to increase involvement and to deepen understanding of negotiating principles.


MG640- Managing Collaborative Relationships

Taught by Jeffrey Shuman, PhD, this course is rooted in relationship business, an emerging discipline that enables individuals and companies to effectively identify, measure and manage relationship-based sources of value for strategic benefit and financial gain. Students gain the mindset, skills and tools required to build purposeful, mutually beneficial strategic relationships. The course is oriented around current real-world experiences, through which students learn to 1) measure and manage all forms of value to enhance performance and profitability, 2) correlate non-financial input of individuals to bottom-line financial outcomes for the organization, and 3) form win-win strategic relationships and collaborate effectively with all stakeholders.


ETH810- Research in Business Ethics

Prerequisite(s): ETH 700

Allows students to develop specialized knowledge in business ethics by structuring and completing a faculty-supervised research project. This area of investigation is proposed in writing to a faculty supervisor by the student and must be approved by the supervisor and the program director. Students demonstrate research skills and technical competence through the presentation of a written report outlining the nature and significance of the project chosen and the resulting conclusions. The project may be completed in conjunction with an internship in a sponsoring company that has an ethics program.


MK712- Consumer and Buyer Behavior

Prerequisite(s): BF 504 or PF Module II or for MSMA PF 506

Studies the purchase decision for individual consumers and industrial users. Examines various models of buyer behavior. Explores motivations, influences and roles played in purchasing products and services.