Top 10 Sales Killers (Article)

Need we say anymore?

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Rapid Transformation of a Salesforce (Article)

McKinsey Quarterly: A quick discussion and resolution to a common question- How do I quickly and effectively change my sales process throughout my entire organization? As many sales leaders know, getting every salesperson to adopt a common process is a painful venture, now imagine trying to do it immediately, without “phasing it in.”

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Sales Closing Tips (Article)

These are very valuable bits of advice. My favorite, “Silence After,” which I taught to my salespeople as, “shut up!” is probably the most important, especially in transactional selling. This article was originally posted on – Justin

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Attitude is Everything (Podcast)

The attached podcast covers one of the holiest tenants of sales philosophy and best-practices. Our attitude is quite possibly the most important variable in our lives, and certainly in the sales arena. This one’s only about 4 minutes long, so please give it a listen. From my own personal experience, I can remember both wining and losing BIG as a direct result of my attitude. Do yourself a favor and learn this now, the easy way. – Justin

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Seven Lessons to Learn from Great Salespeople (Article)

This article, originally posted on, is a very nice and brief read offering sound advice to those aiming to elevate from a typical “order-taker,” to a professional salesperson.

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The Evolution of the Seven Steps of Selling (Article)

It’s the beginning of the semester and what better time to catch up on the basics of selling. This article highlights modern best-practices for sales. Regardless of your personal or organizational “buy-in” of this road-to-sale, this article most is assuredly a blueprint of the foundation on which your known methods were built.

Everyone having anything to do with sales should be intimately familiar with these seven steps, if not for your own practice, but to better understand the approach of those trying to close you.

This article will be discussed during the next organizational meeting of the BSC.

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BSC Sponsored Event 10/16

Join BSC Leadership and Advisor, Professor William Starner, for a Strategic Human Resources Briefing conducted by Gatti & Associates. Key topics are sales compensation and performance measures. Details are provided in the attached file. If interested, please contact as soon as possible as seating is limited.

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Whether a Bear or Bull Market, Sales Success is Attainable (Article)

This is an article originally posted on It’s an excellent reminder for frontline salespeople to focus on selling during a downswing, rather than the external reasons for decreased sales.

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Board Member Position Available

The BSC is currently looking to fill the office of Vice President of Operations. This position will entail recruiting potential guest speakers, working to align the BSC with the needs of the Bentley College community and working alongside the other members of the board.

If you are a current McCallum graduate student and would enjoy working with us on this project, please forward your resume and Bentley program, concentration and expected graduation date to Justin Chase at

Thanks for your interest!

Negotiation Strategies for a Downturn: HBS Ideacast Series (Podcast)

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There’s very little doubt that most people working in any sort of sales capacity have noticed a shift in sales trends. This podcast, published by HBS, provides fantastic insight as to how to better profit in a dynamic environment.