Mar 05 2012

March 2012 hFIDO Events & Fall 2012 Preview!

“Survey Design DOs & DON’Ts”Miriam Gerver Donath, 3/6 @ 7:30-9:00 pm in Smith 122

Survey design is important because it affects response rate (item and unit) and data quality (introduce bias), which, in turn, affects survey results. As someone who might work directly or tangentially with a market research, or embark on your own research, this presentation will help you think about survey design issues and improve surveys you encounter, as well as give some guidelines and resources. These will be set within the cognitive response model of question comprehension, information retrieval, judgment in responding to a question, and providing a response. About Miriam Gerver Donath. This event will be recorded and can be attended remotely via Centra at or you can view the PDF.


“Maximizing Your Moderating Workshop”Susan Mercer, 3/20 @ 7:30-9:30 pm in Smith 122

A central tenet of user-centered design is getting good usability feedback to iteratively improve the design. Unbiased moderation is critical in usability studies to ensure accurate, unbiased feedback. Yet in the heat of the moment, even experienced moderators can struggle to avoid asking leading questions, accidentally skewing findings, and stressing participants. This interactive session will teach advanced moderation skills, such as refocusing a participant, that can make the difference between successful and less-than-successful outcomes. The workshop will also provide time to critique videos of moderated sessions as well as providing the opportunity for volunteers to practice moderating and receive feedback from the presenter and attendees. About Susan Mercer.


“Brainstorm It Right”Alyssa Boehm & Mike Kennedy, 3/29 @ 6:30-7:30 pm in Smith 122

We all endure a terrible brainstorming session at some point in our careers. You sit in a small room, people yell and at the end, hastily scribbled pages are produced that quickly disappear into a closet. It isn’t a productive experience and everyone knows it. Well, kiss those terrible sessions good-bye! We’ll explore best practices on how to facilitate brainstorming, support different types of participants, and create an action plan to follow-up on ideas. We’ll role-play and problem-solve together. Plus, delicious light snacks will be served! About Alyssa Boehm. About Mike Kennedy.


“Academic Research” – David Hoberman in early September. About David Hoberman.


“How UCD Works” & Happy Hour – hFIDO in mid-September. About Scott Furlong.


“UX: It’s Our Research” – Tomer Sharon in late-September. About Tomer Sharon.

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