Oct 04 2013

HFIDO Alumni Panel 10/24

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HFIDO welcomes distinguished HFID alumni panelists to share their experiences and answer any questions you might have about how to approach a career in UX. Our panelists have a vast array of experience.  They’ve worked as interaction designers, usability experts, information architects, and designers; at agencies, big corporations, big tech companies like Yahoo and eBay, and started their own businesses.  They have backgrounds in engineering, tech writing, business and sales. They are now leaders in their field. Our distinguished panelists include:

  • Kris Engdahl, athenahealth

  • Neeta Golpani, digitas

  • Colin Hynes, independent consultant

  • Anne Mamaghani, eBay

  • James McElroy, Perkin Elmer

Moderator: Mike Fritz

This panel is for:

  • Students who are a bit fuzzy on what exactly they’ll do after they graduate. (What kind of job?  Where?  How?)

  • Students who want to learn from highly successful UX’ers.

  • Alumni who would like insight on how to advance in their careers.


When: Thursday, October 24;  Snacks @ 7PM; Panel @ 7:30PM – 9:00PM ET

Where: Smith 122 and online (There will be snacks for those who attend in-person. Bring your questions!)



If you no longer have a student pass, print out this parking permit, and put it in your car window.


ONLINE Instructions

For your remote participation in the HFIDO Alumni Panel on October 24th, you will be using Saba Centra 7 Web conferencing Software. Please follow the directions below.


If not live, copy and paste the link (for each day) below into a Browser. We recommend Chrome for the PC and Safari or Firefox for the MAC.

NOTE: This program works with Java. Please make sure it is installed and enabled on the browser you are using. If you have Windows 8, you may have difficulty installing this program. Please contact us for assistance.


You will be using VoIP audio so please have a headset or microphone available to test your audio. (We ask that you use earphones/ear buds, instead of open computer speakers as this will minimize audio feedback.)
You will come to a page that will ask you to enter an e-mail address.
You will be given two options, “Launch on Desktop” or “Attend in Browser.” Please use the “Launch on Desktop” to enter the session. The browser version is not full featured and there is no video window to see the presenter/room, etc. The desktop option will ask you to download software.
If you are using a PC and asked to install/ run the software and/or allow security- please select yes. If you are asked to allow a plugin (java) select yes.
This online event is currently open so you can follow the above instructions to attend and get the software downloaded at your convenience.
Please contact us immediately if you experience any problems or if you have never used this software before we recommend you have an online technology orientation to make sure your connectivity is good and that your audio is working properly.

Please e-mail us at hybrid@bentley.edu or call our helpline at 781-891-3487 between 1PM and 9:30PM Eastern time, Monday through Thursday.

Centra uses a proprietary port 1709 which may be blocked by your company’s firewall. To unblock this port, tell your IT staff that you need a “Direct TCP connection to the Centra servers (,, and on port 1709 outbound”. Port 443 can be used as a backup.

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