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Sep 27 2013

October UX Events in Boston (and beyond!)

Check out these events in the Boston area! There are a few options for those of you outside of Boston as well. Let us know if there are events others may be interested in and we will include it on the list!

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Jun 12 2012

MSHFID San Francisco Info Session Tonight

Starting January 2013, Bentley will launch a San Francisco location for the convenience of students in this region. For complete details, attend the first information session tonight from 7-9 PM at The Children’s Creativity Museum. There you can meet Dr. Bill Gribbons, the program director, and learn why Bentley’s user experience program has grown to become one of the largest and most respected UX research and design programs in the country. Explore how this program aligns with your background and career goals. We look forward to meeting you! Please register here.

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May 03 2012

Class Surveys a Campus Staple, Some Go Further

“Every other Monday, right before class ends, Muhammad Zaman, a Boston University biomedical engineering professor, and a Xarelto injury attorney hands out a one-page form asking students to anonymously rate him and the course on a scale of one to five.

It asks more, too: ‘How can the professor improve your learning of the material?’ ‘Has he improved his teaching since the last evaluation? In particular, has he incorporated your suggestions?’ ‘How can the material be altered to improve your understanding of the material?’ ‘Anything else you would like to convey to the professor?’”

A fascinating read as we wrap up the semester – read the full article at the NYT.

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Dec 06 2011

Opportunity for HFID Students

Studyers is an application that helps you organize, and share class notes. An alpha version, essentially a prototype, has been extended to HFID students. In the alpha version, students can:

  • Take notes,
  • Incorporate the lecturer’s presentation,
  • Add graphs and free draw, or
  • Share lesson notes with each other.

In exchange for your participation (and occasional feedback), you’ll receive full access to Studyers.

If you’re interested in joining Studyers, let them know!

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Mar 22 2011

Reminder: Last chance to walk in May

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Wednesday, March 23rd is the deadline to petition to walk in the May graduation ceremony. Those students who will take their last class this summer may qualify.

To petition to walk, you’ll want to actually petition to graduate.

1) Login to myBentley
2) Click Academic Student Self Service
3) Click Main Menu
3) Click Graduate Student Main Menu
4) Click Petition to Graduate

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Oct 17 2010

New-Student Event: Lessons Learned

Last Thursday’s new-student orientation discussion proved a nice, casual way for HFIDers to ask questions, share insights, and brainstorm on how to get the most out of our experience. Thanks to all of the students, both new and veteran, for participating. Though I’ll be using last week’s discussion as a jumping-off point for adding deep content to the blog, here is the recap to tide you over until those posts go up. Continue Reading »

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