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Sep 13 2013

Axure Workshop Recap

Update 9/13: Added link to recording.


Last night, Oscar Yépez taught a great introduction to Axure! We downloaded our own copy of Axure onto our laptops and learned how to create an interactive wireframe of an iPhone app. This included how to add objects, images, and actions to make the wireframe come alive. Also, Oscar showed how to effectively create wireframes through the use of master objects and dynamic panels.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is the link to the recording!

If you attended the workshop, we are looking for feedback for those who participated. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or the Facebook page on what you thought of the workshop!

Special thanks to Oscar for providing HFIDers with a new UX skill!


Oscar shows HFIDers how to create an action in a wireframe

Oscar shows HFIDers how to create an action in a wireframe

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Sep 03 2013

HFIDO Axure Workshop 9/12 – Rescheduled

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Update (9/10):

* The room has been changed to Smith 223

* For local students, there will be mixed sandwiches, cheese, fruit.

* Remote students: Here is the Centra link:
(Instructions: You need Centra installed on your computer and will be asked for an e-mail address and profile information – to log in. You should still choose “launch on desktop” as with the classes in order to see a video window. )

* Everyone will need to install Axure on their laptops BEFORE the session (or look on with somebody else). If you want to get the free student version, it might take a day or two for them to verify your student status before giving you a license key.

* You can also just download the 30 day trial.

* It is useful if you open up Axure and look around before the session (but not required).
– Here is some background info about prototyping in Axure:


Update (9/4): Please note that the workshop has been rescheduled for September 12 @ 7:30PM EDT.


HFID graduate Oscar Yépez, who “lives and dies in Axure” at his UX designer job at Intralinks, will lead a 2-hour beginner workshop on essential skills with Axure. Axure is one wireframing tool widely used in the UX field and the MSHFID program.

Note: If you are a student with at least a 3.0 GPA, you can get a free Axure RP Pro license!

  • Date: September 12, 2013
  • Time: 7:30PM – 9:30PM EDT
  • Place: Smith 223 and Centra

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May 14 2013

13 Free Design Tools for Visual Marketers

“Good news, everyone! There are plenty of free and easy-to-use tools out there that can make you look like a master designer! This post will break down 13 of our favorites so you too can create visuals and images that make your marketing pop. Get ready to create visualizations, banners, infographics, the whole nine yards like a total pro.” Read more on HubSpot.

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Sep 27 2012

The Five Best Distraction-Free Writing Tools

“As a person who makes his living by writing, I have to admit that writing is hard work. And what makes it even harder are the constant distractions in our workspace. I’m not talking about noisy children, complaining in-laws, and constantly barking neighbor’s dog (although they all distract!). I’m talking about the constant electronic distraction on our computer screen. The time indicator on the lower right, the calendar on top right, the file icons, and the short-cuts to various programs make it difficult to concentrate on the task in hand: writing. It’s especially hard when you are in midst of a serious case of writer’s block and find ways, rather opportunities, to get distracted to anything but writing.”

Read the full article on Technical Writing ToolBox.

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Aug 23 2012

Designing [User] Experiences for Young Kids

“Kids are curious and eager to explore. They tend to touch everything they see on the screen and notice things adults sometimes miss. For example, they don’t experience banner blindness; for them, a banner is an exciting opportunity to learn what will happen if they touch the screen. Most interaction problems for young users occur when they are forced to navigate away from what they want to do because they unintentionally trigger an action they did not intend to. Banner ads, a swipe gesture, or even a simple menu button are sometimes causes for aggravation for the young user and the observing parent.”


Read the full article on UX Magazine.

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Jul 17 2012

Dive into Responsive Prototyping with Foundation

“Today, we’ll take a look at how you can dive into responsive design using Foundation, a light front-end framework that helps you rapidly build prototypes and production sites. If you’ve avoided responsive design because it seemed difficult, or the tools weren’t there, or you weren’t sure of the need…then this is the perfect time to get started.”

Read the full article on A List Apart.

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Feb 21 2012

Nielsen’s Latest: Mobile Sites vs. Apps

“The most important question in a company’s mobile strategy is whether to do anything special for mobile in the first place. Some companies will never get substantial mobile use and should stick to making their desktop sites less insufferable on small screens.  But if your site happens to have decent appeal to mobile users, then the second strategy question is: Should you produce a mobile website or develop special mobile apps? The answer to this question today is quite different from what it will likely be in the future. ”


Read the full article at Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox.

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Feb 16 2012

Best (User) Voice Recording iPhone Apps

“There are more voice recording apps for iPhone than you could ever hope to try, and most them don’t offer much more than the simple functionality you get with Apple’s built-in Voice Memo app. Audio Memos, on the other hand, earns our top choice because it offers tons of control over your recordings and makes them very easy to share.”

Read the full article on Lifehacker (a great site that you might want to check out either way).

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Feb 14 2012

Wireframing in Powerpoint? It Works!

“Dedicated wireframing tools are in abundance, so you might be surprised that my weapon of choice for sketching wireframes is Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint makes it possible for stakeholders and non-techies to participate in the design process…you can be fairly certain everyone will be able to view and edit.

The software’s widespread availability and low barrier to entry make it an excellent communication tool, able to bridge the gap between developers, designers, and clients. As well, the design capabilities of PowerPoint are far better than the application’s reputation would indicate.”

Read the full article on UX Magazine.

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Jan 12 2012

Tobii Gaze Attempts to Revolutionize Interaction

“A new mouse-free interface, Tobii Gaze, attempts to revolutionize the way we interact with devices. The gesture-based system incorporates eye-tracking to direct an on-screen pointer and works in conjunction with touch pad input for fine-tuning.”

Watch it in action at engadget.

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Dec 06 2011

Opportunity for HFID Students

Studyers is an application that helps you organize, and share class notes. An alpha version, essentially a prototype, has been extended to HFID students. In the alpha version, students can:

  • Take notes,
  • Incorporate the lecturer’s presentation,
  • Add graphs and free draw, or
  • Share lesson notes with each other.

In exchange for your participation (and occasional feedback), you’ll receive full access to Studyers.

If you’re interested in joining Studyers, let them know!

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Oct 08 2011

Free (or Discounted) Tools to Help Your HFID Mojo

What follows is a helpful list of productivity-saving tools, software, and applications – enjoy!

  • Amazon Prime – Students get free 2-day shipping on almost all items for up to 6 months.
  • ATT Sponsorship – Unconfirmed but, if you use your Bentley email, you may get a discount.
  • Axure – HFID students with a GPA of 3.0+ are qualified for an Axure RP license.
  • Book Depository – While not as well known as Amazon, free shipping on all books is sweet.
  • Cropper – I use this almost every day for screen grabs or measuring: great tool.
  • DownThemAll! – Lets you bulk download all files, links, or images contained in a webpage.
  • Dropbox – Synch and share 2+ GB of your files over multiple paltforms and devices.
  • Flavors.Me – A simple and speedy portal for all of your online accounts and profiles.
  • Find Big Mail – Review and delete your big messages in Gmail, then empty the trash. Done!
  • Flickr – Great for collecting or sharing images and screenshots for your projects.
  • FreeMind – Brilliantly elegant, functional, and productive mind-mapping software.
  • GIMP – The “GNU Image Manipulation Program” is a Photoshop-like graphic editor.
  • Gliffy – Create flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, tech drawings, etc. as a team.
  • Google Docs – You know it…fantastic for team docs, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Google Reader – Yep, another Google tool. What better way to follow your favorite blog?
  • Join.Me – Share your screen and chat in virtual meetings with up to 250 viewers.
  • LinkedIn – Establish an online professional bio to keep in touch with colleagues.
  • LucidChart – Fun, easy, and fantastic way to simultaneously diagram with your team.
  • Xmarks – Save and sync bookmarks across multiple browsers and devices. Awesome.
  • Zotero – Collect, organize, cite, and share research sources via your browser.

Did we miss a great HFID tool? Let us know in the comments below!

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Aug 23 2011

FREE Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3

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Just don’t forget to send in the rebate.





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Apr 11 2011

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 for $40!

Published by under Software offers Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 for Windows and Mac, for $59.99. A $20 mail-in rebate (included in the box) drops it to $39.99.

Check it out here:

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Apr 01 2011

Great discussion about rapid prototyping tools

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One of the LinkedIn boards is currently hosting a lively discussion about prototyping tools. Some of the tools mentioned are Axure, Balsamiq, Fireworks, Illustrator, JustInMind, and PowerPoint. It’s a great read and may give you some ideas. Check it out here:

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Oct 27 2010

Up to 80% off Adobe Software for Students

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The Adobe Store cuts up to 80% off student and teacher editions of its software for Windows or Mac during its latest sale. That puts each at lowest-we-could-find prices. Discounted are such titles as Creative Suite 5, Lightroom, Acrobat X Pro, and more.

For more details, see the Dealnews page at

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Oct 18 2010

30% off MockupScreens Wireframing SW

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Here’s the dealio:

Till the end of October you can get 30% discount for EITHER Mac or Windows licenses of MockupScreens. On the checkout page use this coupon code: MOCK4-OCT. (The regular price is $99.)

The Catch

I have no experience with the sw and have no opinion on its utility.  The screen shots look impressive, with the raw low-fidelity look of Balsamiq but offering more robust annotation, storyboard, and reporting options. Note that the screen shots page *does* have screen shots; lots of ’em. However their little Flash demo is all that appears above the fold on my laptop, so you too may need to scroll down.

What do you think?

Have you evaluated MockupScreens? Is it worth $70? Post a comment and tell us what you think.

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