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Jan 10 2013

Design for All: Accessibility in Service Design

“At its core, accessible design is transformative, flexible, intuitive and customizable, making lives better and tasks easier—core design principles, no matter the audience. While it’s not always easy to understand what accessibility means, there are simple steps that designers can take to start thinking with accessibility in mind.” Read the full article on UX Magazine.

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Oct 11 2012

Footwear for the Blind: Bluetooth Shoes

“More than 285 million people across the globe suffer from visual impairment. Yet the tools to assist the blind in walking have changed little since the 1920s, when their canes started being painted white to make other pedestrians more aware of their presence. The gizmos that do exist have tended to be expensive and clunky, and have not caught on. This may change if Anirudh Sharma, a 24-year-old computer engineer from Hyderabad, a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, has his way.” Read about it via The Economist.

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Oct 04 2012

Drexel Computer Scientists Develop Smartphone Apps to Aid Visually Impaired

” For people with visual impairments daily activities such as reading a newspaper, texting or checking Facebook often require the extra step of sitting down at a computer or pulling out a text magnifier – a step that instantly signals their difference from those around them. A group of undergraduate computer science students at Drexel are now hoping to make these tasks as easy and common as using a smartphone.” Learn more at TeleRead.

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Oct 02 2012

What the Blind Experience on Job Sites

“As online recruiting sites get more complex, they can get harder to read for people who can’t see, as well as others who use ‘screen readers’ because of challenges with their arms or other disabilities. It doesn’t have to be that way, says Corbb O’Connor, a web usability consultant with O’Consulting Group.” Read the full story on

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Jun 07 2012

Assistive Tech via Perkins School for the Blind

“Assistive technology (AT) includes devices and software used by those with impairments of one type or another.  This section lists sources for assistive technology as well as agencies that help set the standards for evaluation of AT, agencies that are helping to bring AT to a wider audience, and information about AT in general.”

Read the full listing at the Perkins School for the Blind.

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Jun 05 2012

How a Blind Person Uses an ATM for the First Time

“Tommy Edison has been blind since birth and is now producing videos online that reveal a glimpse into his life and the funny challenges that he faces daily. Tommy has shown us what it’s like for someone who is blind to use an ATM machine for the first time. ”

View this video and more at The Tommy Edison Experience.

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May 17 2012

How the Blind Are Reinventing the iPhone

“Maria Rios, 66, woke up at 6 am. She got out of bed in her little second floor apartment on the north side of Central Park, and checked her iPhone for the weather. Then she felt around in her closet, where she had marked her navy blue garments with safety pins, to tell them apart from her black ones. In the adjacent room, her roommate Lynette Tatum, 49, picked out a white sweater and dark denim slacks. She used her VizWiz iPhone app to take a photograph and send it to a customer-service rep who lets her know what color the item is.”

Read the full article at The Atlantic.

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Mar 01 2012

6 New Tech Gadgets Help People With Disabilities

The 27th Annual International Tech and Persons With Disabilities Conference is underway in San Diego. At the convention, tech companies unveil gadgets that help people living with disabilities in their daily lives. Learn more on Mashable.

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Jan 12 2012

Tobii Gaze Attempts to Revolutionize Interaction

“A new mouse-free interface, Tobii Gaze, attempts to revolutionize the way we interact with devices. The gesture-based system incorporates eye-tracking to direct an on-screen pointer and works in conjunction with touch pad input for fine-tuning.”

Watch it in action at engadget.

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Jul 21 2011

Typography for Dyslexics

Do you see what I see?

Check out this neat two-minute video demonstrating why some typefaces are easier for dyslexics to read than others. The video is meant is a commercial for a specific font, but it also efficiently demonstrates how dyslexics view letters differently. For anyone interested in accessibility, this is an interesting demo.

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