About GWLO

The Graduate Women’s Leadership Organization (GWLO) was formed in the spring of 2004 after more than fifty female Bentley graduate students attended Harvard Business School’s Dynamic Women in Business Conference.

The Conference which hosted Ann M. Fudge, Chairman and CEO of Young & Rubicam Inc. and Y&R Advertising and Ann S. Moore, Chairman and CEO of Time, Inc. was an inspiration to all who attended. A unanimous decision was then made to start an organization on Bentley’s campus to foster a continued focus on the development of graduate women.

The organization’s first event was a Dinner & Development on Effective Communication with Janet Jordan.

The founding members of GWLO were Catherine Glynn, Faye Ball, Maria Marco, Elaine Ewing and Irina Serebryanik.


The Graduate Women’s Leadership Organization is committed to fostering the personal, academic and professional development of Bentley’s graduate women, and providing them with opportunities for learning, networking and mentorship to promote leadership skills. We also seek to promote collaboration between graduate men and women, to foster improved gender relations in the workplace.

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